About AGS

AGS Engineering is a high class Mechanical Engineering Workshop located in Jebel Ali, Dubai at the Dubai
Investment Park No. 2 having a floor space of over 9400 sq. ft. specializing in CNC and Conventional Machining, Specialized Repair Welding and assembly of various components serving the Oil Field, Power and various types of Service Industries. AGS Engineering started its operation in October 2011.

The Management and all the employees of AGS Engineering ensure complete satisfaction to their customers by providing them the best value in every product and service that carries the name of the Company, by complying with the requirements of the Standards ISO 9001:2008 & API Q1 and Specifications for Monogram License API-5CT, API-6A, API-7-1 and API- 16A products.

We offer specialized services in the following activities:

1. Manufacture various parts on CNC Lathes, VMC 4 Axis CNC Milling and Conventional machines such as Center Lathes, Vertical Lathes, Horizontal Boring, Cylindrical Grinding and various other machines.

2. Manufacture of the following items as per API Specifications:

  • API-5CT :- Buttress, EUE, NUE, Threaded Tubing Couplings and Crossovers.
  • API-6A :- Weld Neck Flanges, Tubing Head Adapters, Block Tees, Elbows & Crosses, Weco
  • API-7-1 :- Drill Stem Subs, Threading for Rotary Shouldered Connections and Crossovers.
  • API-16A :- Drilling Spool Adapters, Adapter Hubs and Loose Connections.

3. Manufacture parts for Pumps, Compressors, Valves and Gear Boxes.

4. Repair of Gate Valves, Stainless Overlays on Ring Grooves & Valve Seats, Hydrostatic Pressure Test.

5. Oil field equipment repair and parts manufacture.

The Objective of our Quality Management System is to achieve customer satisfaction by supplying products and services to meet the applicable quality and deliveries requirements as per the Quality Management concept set forth in our Manual.

The management and all employees of AGS ENGINEERING WORKSHOP L.L.C. shall endeavor to ensure complete satisfaction of their customers by providing them the best value in every product and service that carries the name of the company.